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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wearing Wigs

Gone are the days when even a hint of wigs incited stares and whispers from the public. With famous celebs like Beyonce, Kate Perry, Adele, etc. openly talking about their wig collections, hair wigs have now become the new fashion statement! And they come in all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. Of course, before buying, you need to take proper measurements to find the right fit and do some research on the quality of hair used, type of wig cap and wig density. Whether it is for daily wear or special occasions, wigs and extensions are fast becoming the most popular hair trends of the season. And yet, there are many who still wonder if turning to wigs for fashion is the right choice or not. Here are a few reasons to convince you to start wearing wigs and make your hair the talk of the town! Read More

The Perfect Guide to Styling and Taking Care of Your Distinct Hair Type

If you are passionate about growing your hair like the ones you see on Instagram, there are several ways to do it. It is possible to grow your hair super quick every time you cut or trim it. But you need to be informed about the hair growth cycle if you need a hair care routine specifically for your hair type and how the many factors that contribute to hair loss and also to hair growth are significant. Read More

How much Hair Transplant Costs, USA

There are tons of over-the-counter products that promise to help individuals with hair loss problems. The truth is that most of them are not nearly as effective in hair restoration as their descriptions claim them to be. Instead, if you have a hair transplant procedure, you can be sure to get better results, albeit costlier than the bought products. Read More

How to Prevent Hair Breakage and Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

Dry hair doesn’t absorb or retain enough moisture to maintain its texture and brightness, so it may look lackluster and be brittle. It seems unhealthy, right? Having dry hair can make you prone to many harmful diseases. Dry hair can be caused by many factors like; nutritional deficiencies, excessive sun exposure, contact with chlorinated water, excessive hair wash, use of harsh hair products. Some medical conditions may cause dry hair. These conditions are like anorexia nervosa. You can also check out hair products reviews on to know more about how to keep your hair hydrated. Read More

Health Tips for Women

Our health is a product of our habits, and a healthier regime can help us have a healthy life irrespective of age. Women juggle a lot of responsibilities relating to career, household and relationships. Moreover, they are under constant pressure to look a certain way and maintain a certain weight. While that is not a goal worth pursuing, the burden of societal expectations can be quite draining on women. Read More